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Domestic & Commercial Lighting Systems

Lynch Mechanical & Electrical can assist with your lighting solution from design through to installation. We work with many manufacturers to ensure we can meet our clients needs.

LED lighting has huge benefits whether it's in your home or for you commercial project;

LED lighting is significantly cheaper to run than traditional lightbulbs due to their great energy efficiency.

LED Lighting can last up to 50,000 hours which is almost 10 years of continuous use. 

A 30Watt LED light is equal to a 56 Watt Spotlight using as much as 85% less Energy

Less wastage regulations around LED Bulb disposal compared to standard bulbs, as they don't contain harmful gases.


Lutron - Smart Lighting Solutions

Lynch Mechanical & Electrical are Lutron Professional Gold Installers, which is an accreditation awarded by Lutron themselves. Lutron are one of the UK's leading lighting specialists, focusing on technology-centred lighting. 

Lynch Mechanical & Electrical can provide you with a full bespoke design for Residential Smart Lighting.

Lutron Solutions are capable of providing Smart Lighting solutions allowing you to control your lighting from your mobile. 

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